Conspiracy theory

This whiteboard was at an April event for Trump backers in Oklahoma. Trump is at the center of course, but it includes every imaginable association. And Jesus is King at the top, of course.

Daily Mail

Why does it matter? Because confessed and pardoned felon Gen. Michael Flynn, who was Trump’s first national security advisor, posed in front of it along with attorney Lin Wood and Trump proponent and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. Flynn posted it on his Telegram account yesterday.

From Twitter

If this seems normal to you, please don’t vote. Seek professional help.

I’d like future politicians to steer clear of what are clearly the most extreme and deranged conspiracy theories. And yes, in my opinion, this disqualifies them for office.

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  1. Hmmm – it looks to me like someone, or some people, have spent many hours carefully creating that whiteboard in order for it to be photographed. Consider: it doesn’t look anything like the way most people use whiteboards: very neat, no crossing lines, orderly colours, photos stuck on of people that are obviously well known to the person creating the board (e.g. if you’re a Trump fanatic, why do you need a picture of his face on the whiteboard? why that picture?)

    It makes me wonder: who is playing what game here? Who is the intended audience for this “whiteboard”?