About your children


Your children will not be who you think they will be.

They will not grow up to be the people you fantasized that they would.

They will not like the same things that you like.

They will not vote the way that you vote.

They will not love the people you think they should love, live where you think they should live, do the work you think they should do, dress the way you think they should dress, or worship the God you think they should worship in the religion you think they should follow.

The more rules you put in place to require them to do and be what you insist on, the more they will rebels.

You can show them right and wrong and teach them values that matter, but the rest is up to them.

They are individuals with their own minds, an incontrovertible fact that becomes more and more apparent from birth to adulthood.

Learn to appreciate this, because it is the most rewarding and glorious thing about having children.

Wishing you and those you love a wonderful holiday together.

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