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Please take the fast survey about the meaning of self-defense.

I have 50 responses so far. I can’t publish the results until I get to 100.

Readers are finding it fascinating so far. And I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I’m guessing you based each of these questions on real scenarios. I’d love to see in your assessment what the actual results were

  2. One problem with the survey is that in real life, many of the examples fall into grey areas where my choice would depend on the exact circumstances.

  3. The concept of ‘self defense’ may be outdated. I think our social norms and mores have changed – and degraded – in the years since the concept of ‘self defense’ was established (or at least how it is interpreted in some states). Was a time no one would even think of carrying an assault weapon out in public – it would have been obvious and assumed that the intent was anything but self defense. Nowadays, that behavior has been enabled and encouraged – what was once extreme and unimaginable is now fairly common. So, what qualifies as ‘self defense’ has changed, and our laws have not kept up.