Get off your duff and start working on a book this summer. I’ll help.

Summer is slower for many businesses. If you’re considering writing a book, this is a good time to start planning it. And I’m about to give you a good reason to start now.

Summer is slower for me, too. That means I have excess capacity. And that means I can help you. And to get you off your duff, I’ll do that for free, or for a reduced cost. Let’s call it my summertime Get-Off-Your-Duff Sale.

(Yes, this is one of those rare posts about what I sell — somebody has to pay the bills around here.)

Here’s what’s on offer in the Get-Off-Your-Duff Sale:

  • Free initial consultation. If you’re planning a business or self-help book, I’ll meet with you for half an hour, free, by phone or video. I’ll talk to you about how to get yourself prepared and oriented for maximum success, and what your publishing options are.
  • Idea development. If you’re at the first steps of your book journey, you need a great title and you need to develop the idea. I’ve helped 15 author teams with that so far, on books that went on to great success like Denise Lee Yohn’s Fusion and Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine’s Outside In. That’s normally priced at $3,000, but I’ll cut the price 10% — $300 off — for authors who get started this summer. This includes the free consultation above and a 90-minute meeting, in person or by video. The deliverable is a title, a subtitle, and a short “treatment” that becomes the North Star for your book project.
  • Table of contents. Add planning and editing your table of contents to the idea development session for $1,125, which is 10% off the regular rate.
  • Book proposal. If you’re pitching publishers, I’ll help you build a book proposal at 10% off the regular rate. (Cost varies based on project.)
  • Editing. If your manuscript is written, I’ll edit it at 10% off my regular hourly rate. (Cost varies by project — it depends on what kind of shape your manuscript is in.)

If you need references, I’ve got ’em.

There’s only one catch: you need to get started in July or August. That’s it.

To get started, click here or email me at josh at bernoff dotcom.

(And ghostwriting projects aren’t on sale — they’re just too big to discount.)

So get off your duff. Once I get busy in September, the prices go back up.

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