6 good reasons why you should start big projects on a Friday

Everyone starts new things on the first of the month, or on a Monday. This is the wrong approach. Here’s why you should start something big on a Friday.

  1. Starting things is hard. Starting on a Friday lets you put in a full day of hard work in the knowledge that you’ll have the weekend off.
  2. Spend the first day on planning. Then you can start executing your plans in the full week starting the following Monday.
  3. Make a list of people to contact. Track down or look up their contact information. Draft the emails or messages you’ll send them. Get them all cued up, then execute on Monday afternoon when they’ll be most likely to be receptive to hearing from you.
  4. If you run into roadblocks or insurmountable challenges, you can take a “mulligan” and re-start again on Monday, which will feel good as your “real” starting date.
  5. Working hard on something new will stir things up in your mind. You’ll inevitably come back to them, sometimes subconsciously, over the weekend. When you start on Monday, you’ll have a new perspective.
  6. Mondays are always hard. Fridays feel much easier. You’ll be more relaxed, which will lead to more creative thinking.

Circle that big Friday start on your calendar. Block off the day. Then dive in. The best starts are Friday starts.

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  1. Good advice Josh as always. Reminded me though that I personally try not to send PROPOSALS out to prospects on a Friday, thinking that the weekend would give them too much time to make an adverse decision whereas on Monday or (even better) on Tuesday people may be more in the swing of things business-wise and might more likely make a decision to go forward. What’s your approach to this? Just curious on how you handle sales next-steps on a Friday, if you agree or do things differently.

    1. The right time to send out a proposal is within one day of speaking with the prospect – same day is even better. But like you, I’d avoid Friday afternoon.