I help companies, organizations, and people to express themselves boldly and clearly. There are two parts to this:

  • I help you to clarify what you actually mean.
  • I help you find the right words to say it.

Here are some of the ways that I can help. For more information, email me at josh at bernoff dotcom.


I conduct courses to train your staff in clear and powerful writing.

statements of purpose

Small companies often have difficulty articulating their value clearly and succinctly. I help companies clarify their purpose, mission, vision, and identity. This includes developing a clear, simple statement that will inspire both your customers and your staff.

power editing

If you’re working on a high-value piece of content — a report, a presentation, a Web site — you need to create impact. I edit at a high level, improving concepts, organization, expression, and language. I also help you create models and frameworks for future content. I have edited mission statements, web copy, over 100 research reports, and three books, including Dave Carroll’s United Breaks Guitars.

idea development

You’re onto something, but you’re not sure what. I can help you figure out your angle. More than positioning, ­­ I’ll help you figure out who or what you are, and what you’re really talking about. I was vice president, Idea Development at Forrester Research; ­­ this was my job.

title jams for book titles and product names

I’m not NameLab ­­ but I can get you started. I’ll convene a title jam, corral your best concepts, and come up with a title that fits your book or product — and stands out on Google and Amazon. You can read my philosophy on naming things. Here’s some stuff I named: