Pic from Farhad Babaei/ Magnus News. WARNING: Some disturbing content. Pic shows a patient on a ventilator in these series of pictures from the frontline of the world’s third worst COVID-19 outbreak in Iran. The disturbing pictures show men and women hooked up to ventilators as their ravaged lungs can no longer function after being ravaged by COVID-19. Iran has seen more than 1,200 deaths from the deadly virus and nearly 20,000 cases in what is one of the worst outbreaks behind only China and Italy. But the Middle Eastern nation has faced years of sanctions so medical supplies and equipment can be in short supply. Photographer Farhad Babaei was given exclusive access to a COVID-19 centre in Babol, in the Mazandaran Province, where the country has experienced it’s second highest number of fatalities. //MAGNUSNEWSAGENCY_1120.3063/2003191644/Credit:Farhad Babaei/ Magnus New/SIPA/2003191647 (Newscom TagID: sfphotosfour538381.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]